Charter Roster

The following roster lists the individual and their trade.

bulletRoy Allen of Stanton -- Stone Mason
bulletWilliam Bell of Westminster--Tool and Dies
bulletG. L. Clark of Long Beach -- Service Garage 
bulletEd R. Cook of Anaheim--Commercial Orchard 
bulletKeith K Coolidge of Stanton--Building Supplies
bulletR.D. Cox of Stanton -- General Construction
bulletWorth Cox of Anaheim -- Service Station
bulletB. E. Davis of Orange -- Cordage MFG.
bulletDon Davis of Stanton -- Variety Store
bulletWilliam W. Dudley of Anaheim -- Instructor
bulletE. L. Elwood of Anaheim -- Cafe -- Lion Tamer
bulletEdward Faulkner of Anaheim -- Aviation Industry
bulletJohn Gautschy of Anaheim -- Druggist
bulletOscar L. Guinn -- Motel
bulletW. E. Harper of Stanton -- Feed Store
bulletGeorge Kitchens of Anaheim -- Groceries
bulletPaul V. Mac Glashan of Long Beach --  Rifle Mfg.
bulletLewis C. McBratney of Stanton -- Farming
bulletAnthony F. Parra of Anaheim -- Real Estate Broker
bulletPaul Pletz of Anaheim -- Barry Farmer
bulletJ. E. Pruett of Ahaheim -- Service Station Garage
bulletGeorge E. Reed of Stanton -- Chicken Rancher
bulletJ. F. Robinson of Stanton -- Lumber Dealer -- Secretary and Treasurer of the Club
bulletJohn H. Rutledge of Stanton -- Mortician
bulletM. A. Sanders of Stanton -- Vegetable and Fruit Market
bulletTed R. Smoch of Stanton -- Rancher
bulletElton Snavely of Anaheim -- Oil Refinery
bulletE. Stone of Stanton -- Service Garage
bulletHarry Tabatt of Stanton -- Wire Rope
bulletLloyd W. Thomas of Westminster -- Newspaper Advertising
bulletR. G. West of Stanton -- Real Estate --President of the Club
bulletRichard S. Yater of Anaheim -- Cabinet Shop -- Tail Twister