Learning About Lions from Edward Mendick

By John Doogan

Originally published January 2, 2004 in Orange County News.  Reprinted with Permission

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We are living in an increasingly complicated, fast-action world of computers, e-mail and electronics.  it is a world that because of financial demands requires both mothers and fathers to work, just to make ends meet.  We should slow down and not forget the most important part of our lives: friends and family.

I have a very special friend. In all of my life, there are very few outstanding people that I have held in high esteem, that I have looked up to and truly admired.  

Ed Mendick is one of these People!

I help support an American orphanage in Thailand, a leftover from the Vietnam War.  I have been invited by many service organizations to make presentations about the orphanage, but I was not ready.

After the meeting with the Stanton Lions, Ed spoke to me about joining the Lions.  Ed talked to me about what Lions were all about; he was so very committed and dedicated to the Lions, it came through loud and clear.

Ed's explanation of what the Lions were all about and particularly what the Stanton Lions had accomplished--they really re the back bone of the Stanton Community--, helping 16 needy local groups.  Ed convinced me to become part of this great organization.  

Ed is a natural leader of the club.  Whenever there was a question of how things should be done all turned to Ed for the right way to handle Lions' business.

At one of our board meetings the sight and hearing chairperson reported that they had a large amount of money in the sight and hearing checking account.  Ed made the comment that we needed to donate the money, observing how there were so many worthy organizations needing help right now.  

the committee met the next week and dispensed almost all of the funds.  Ed's attitude is why keep money in a checking account when there are so many groups like the Braille Institute that really need the help.

Edward Mendick was born in Oslo Minn, March 6, 1928.  He served in the navy from 1946 to 1948.  He attended the University of North Dakota, graduating June 5, 1954.  Ed taught at St. John's High school in North Dakota after graduating.

He moved to California in 1956 and started teaching at Hermosa Beach Junior High School.  Ed joined the Anaheim Union High School District in 1957, teaching and coaching at Brookhurst, Crescent, and South Junior high schools.  

Ed retired as athletic director of South Junior High School in 1986.  

Ed joined the Stanton Lions July 1963, serving as president five times and holding the jobs of Tail Twister, Lion Tamer and Vice President.

At the District Level, Ed has been a zone chairman.  Ed is a Melvin Jones Fellow.

About three years ago Ed received a Distinguished Service Award from the Stanton Chamber of Commerce.  When Ed was called up on stage to be given the award, Ed grabbed the microphone, and for the next 10 minutes the audience was give the best explanation of what the Lions are all about; at the end of his speech, the room erupted in a standing applause!  I have never been more proud to be part of any organization.

The Stanton Lions Clubhouse is something very special.  The meeting rooms is filled with the wonderful history of the club and there are many banners of clubs from all over the world. 

There two people responsible for building the cabinets and decorating the room.  Milt Blumenthal and Ed Mendick spent many hours making the clubhouse what it is today.  

Milt and ed told me that they worked hand in hand for hundreds of hours.  Milt went on to say that "You can count on Ed when you need help."

Edward the late Dick Juline ran the Stanton Lions Memorial Fund for many years.  The fund has given out more than $500,000 to needy local charities.  The Lions have a deep commitment to the community and people of Stanton! 

Ed's wife, Betty, said he is a wonderful husband and father of four, grandfather of 11 and great-grandfather of three.  The best testimony of how good a person is always comes from people closest to them. 

Ed is a man who never did his good deeds to bet a pat on the back; in fact he always stayed away from the lime-light, giving credit to others!

Edward is very ill now; in fact he is fighting the battle of his life.  All of us Stanton Lions are hoping and praying for Ed to beet this illness.

As for me, Ed is always an inspiration and role model of how to be the best Lion I can possibly be. 

(Doogan is a past president of the Stanton Lions Club.)



Surrounded by Miss Stanton Pageant contest back in 1988, Ed Mendick of the Stanton Lions Club appeared to have everything under control.