Al Ethans Retires as Lions Club President,  He'll Twist Twist Now

By John Seymour

Originally published June 20, 2003 in Orange County News.  Reprinted with Permission

Al Ethans will step down as president of the Stanton Lions Club Wednesday and begin to twist tails.  

David Parikh will be installed as president and Ethans will accept a new office (in addition to past President): he will be the tail twister.

the tail twister is sort of sergeant at arms, but not nearly so formal.  He (or she) hands out fines to their fellow lions for a verity of "sins," including forgetting to wear their club badges and pins.  it can be silly, such as forgetting to greet a visitor of failing to shake the tail twister's hand.

It is all part of the fund and raises money for the club.  not a lot, but at each meeting.  it becomes somewhat of a highlight.

"I have lived in Stanton for 23 years," said Ethans, who is in his second term as a member oft the Stanton City Council.  he is a former mayor.  

He is retired from McDonnell-Dougless in Huntington Beach.  He was a senior manager in quality engineering.  Ethans is a graduate of the University of Detroit where he earned a bachelor of business administration; he majored in industrial engineering.  

Ethans and his wife, Mavis, have been married for 26 years.  they have four children and seven grandchildren. "I will be stepping down as president of the Stanton Lions Wednesday" Ethans confirmed.  He has been a member for three years.  

"We help people who have sight problems and require glasses and we are associated with the Leo Club at the Braille Institute in Anaheim; we support them.

"We are one of the few Lions organizations that has its own clubhouse and dining facility," said Ethans.  It is available for rental, by the way."

The club meets the second and fourth Wednesdays at noon at the Lions Clubhouse at 10581 Chestnut St. (east of Beach Boulevard, South of Cerritos Ave).  the message telephone is 714-995-9831.

Lions are a very important part of Ethans' life

"I think it's a wonderful organization, supporting the people in need.  it's a nonprofit.

"We are very fortunate that we own our property free and clear.

Lions do a lot of good and the members work hard to accomplish their goals.  

Still, "It's not all work," said Ethans.  "We meet two or three times a year socially, such as the Los Alamitos trotters, barbeques, and eating at restaurants.  one of our member's wife has two restaurants and we go there.  

"We have a speech contest for high school students.  it's a national thing and the winners receive financial aid toward higher education.  

"We have very enjoyable meetings with well over a dozen in attendance, "Said Ethans.  "The new president will take the reins on the 25th (an evening installation) and the district governor will be there.  

Ethans activities go beyond the Stanton City Council and the Lions Club.

"I am also on the Stanton Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors, the Board of Directors of Youth Motivation Task Force of Orange County, the Board of Directors of Orange County Children's' Theater, and the Board of Directors of Stanton American Legion Post 783.

"I served one term on the Planning Commission prior to being elected to the City Council.

His seat will be up for election in 2004.  "I am planning on Running for re-election," he said, "along with George W. Bush."

Past activties include being a Boy Scout and Cub Scout Leader.  

Ethans remains a cheerleader for the city of Stanton.

"I think Stanton has come a long way in the right direction in the past 10 years," he said.  "Our crime rate has been reduced well over 70 percent.

"The Orange County Sheriff's Department has been a big factor, as well as the PRYDE (Pepperdine Resource Youth Diversion and Education) program for kids and gang prevention.  it has been a very successful program.  

"All of that keeps me busy," said Ethans.  "My wife Mavis is very, very supportive."

Ethans adds his positive reaction to the accomplishments in the past year of Jim Box, Parks and Recreation Services Superintendent.  "He has been aggressive and is doing very well for the city," Ethans said.